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Token Giveaway

The SSL Team

Setup Sync & Learn now has more than 350 clients in Sydney and Perth who benefit from our knowledge of Apple products, systems and software.  The need for a Technology Coach or Home/Office IT Training and Support is increasing, and this is likely to continue as the world of technology is expanding and changing constantly, and everyone's knowledge somehow needs to grow with this - We are here to help you!

Reece - Sydney

Originally from Perth. Loves travel, great food, coffee, wine, music and technology. Apple expert, Evernote Certified Consultant, and has been known to advise on all of the above!
“Reece really knows what he is doing and is very helpful...Great value for money.”
“I have not met anyone prior to Reece who explained everything so clearly.”
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Michelle - Perth

Multimedia designer, professional photographer, and instructor. Spent some time overseas in New York studying film. Extensive knowledge of Apple devices, systems, and software.
"(Michelle) Simplified a complex situation, without the swearing associated with non-Apple savvy technical people.”  read more testimonials

Antony - Sydney

The latest team member to join SSL. Passionate about music and sports, and believes that technology in the right doses can truly enrich your life by freeing you up to enjoy the things you love. With Apple Retail for 8 years, in the latter part as Business Manager.



Panel Discussion a Great Success

In April, Reece was part of a panel discussion in Sydney with leading productivity thought leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to answer questions, and help attendees to innovate smarter and play harder!

Evernote was one of the featured Apps, and if you're interested in going paperless at home or for your business, contact Reece and ask about using Evernote - email Reece - more info about Evernote.


Token Giveaway in June

We recently started a token reward system as a way of saying thanks to those who support our business by promoting our services. We have now given away $700 worth of tokens!

As a *special promotion in June only, if you book and pay for a session with Antony in Sydney, or Michelle in Perth, you will receive a $25 SSL token - ENQUIRE or BOOK NOW. There is a limit of 1 per person but you can also earn unlimited tokens for successfully referring new clients our way! More info about referring and tokens here 
subject to availability



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