Welcome to our reward system.  It's no surprise that our existing clients always know somebody else with Apple products who could benefit from our services, just as they do.

We've now introduced a system to reward referrals!  Basically, if you refer a new contact to Setup Sync & Learn and that person or organisation proceeds with a booking, then as a thank you we will reward you for their initial session with a $25 token that can be used toward your next session.

There is no limit to the number of tokens you can earn, so start referring now and you'll be enjoying sessions with Setup Sync & Learn for less, or free!  Token terms and conditions below*

CLAIM A TOKEN NOW - simply click on the sample token image below, and email us with the following details so that we can track and recognise when your referral has benefitted from our services.  (We've also provided an easy form to fill below if you prefer)

  • your name and email, plus phone contact just in case we cannot reach you by email

  • your referral's name and best contact info (with their approval)

*Token Terms & Conditions

  1. The referee must be a new client for Setup Sync & Learn (SSL)

  2. The referee must have booked and received a session with SSL, and paid in full before any token will be issued to the referrer

  3. SSL will make the final decision for all validity of token claims

  4. 1 Token will be awarded for the initial session only, and will have a 3 month expiry date from date of issue

  5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount

  6. Not redeemable for cash or vouchers

  7. Non transferable (unless authorised by SSL)

  8. Session bookings are subject to availability

  9. All other session booking conditions apply when redeeming tokens

  10. SSL reserves the right to revoke tokens at any time

Token Reward Claim Form

If you believe you've recommended us to someone, please let us know here and you may be eligible for a token reward!

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your referral's name and best contact (with their approval)
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