Dear Reece
Thank you so much for your time and insight into understanding our Apple products.
Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed the session.
— Kellee and Robyn, August 2019 (Sydney)
I was searching for someone to help me learn about how to create photo books with my new MacBook. After a google search, I sent an online enquiry to Setupsynclearn and Lo and behold I got a phone call from Reece within 10minutes - Real people! We discussed my enquiry and what their business could do to assist me with my apple products and I booked in then and there. Michelle arrived promptly, and was friendly, energetic and informative. She explained everything in plain language and being a professional photographer was extremely helpful on giving me hints on how to improve my photo taking as well as how to make those long overdue photobooks. A fabulous team. Definitely worth trying - my advice is give it a go.
— Ngaire, June 2019 (Perth)
Reece is very tech-savvy and solved my computer problems (in one session) where others failed.
— Helen, May 2019 (Sydney)
Reece was most helpful and did a great job installing my new computer.
— Renate, March 2019 (Sydney)
I am so grateful for Michelle’s last visit. As you know, my computer had become frustratingly slow. Deep down, I prepared myself for perhaps having to buy a new computer, which I couldn’t afford at this time. Within ten minutes, Michelle had identified an application that was causing the problem, and we then set up alternative applications so I still had all the functionality I needed, but so much faster! Then we methodically addressed all the little questions I had collected since her last visit, and she nailed them all within minutes. Her expertise even extended to the settings on my Fuji camera, which I would never have figured out on my own! So now I feel like I have a brand new computer! It has given me, and my iMac, a new lease on life - thank you!
— Libby, December 2018 (Perth)
Reece was fantastic. He helped us to work through some setup glitches and ensured smooth sailing for our organisation going forward. Having an hour with Reece has saved us many hours of frustration. Thank you for your professionalism.
— Kerryn, December 2018 (Sydney)
Reece. Your excellent teaching skills & courteous personality has helped me tremendously with my lack of computer knowledge. It is also comforting to know that whenever I am stuck with a problem you always answer promptly. I am very grateful to have you as my teacher & look forward to learning more “fun & creative” skills in the New Year.
— Anne, October 2018 (Sydney)
Very helpful session thanks Reece. I feel more confident about coping in my upcoming retirement.
Also your very practical suggestion of updating the operating system rather than buying a new computer is very much appreciated.
— Richard, October 2018 (Sydney)
(Remote session) Fantastic to have your help with my iMac! All issues dealt with quickly and in a way that I could understand and follow, which was very good. I’ve immediately set up an in-person session to sort out Mail and Photos confusions. Thank you Reece!
— Christina, September 2018 (Sydney)
Thanks for the 15 minute free consultation, Reece. It has been a while since I’ve needed your expertise, but your offer was timely, with some feral software now safely removed. I appreciate your advice on updating my iPhone - you gave your time very generously for this. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.
— Pamela, September 2018 (Sydney)
He (Reece) was most informative & set up my new computer & rearranged my old computer for my grandson to learn & enjoy.
— Barbara, September 2018 (Sydney)
Both my husband and I have both managed to use basic computer skills through Reece’s excellent and patient teaching.
We will continue to learn with him and recommend him highly.
— Margaret, June 2018 (Sydney)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session

From one who was involved in evaluating the content and delivery of courses, I was very impressed with Reece’s skills in working with a group. Reece included us all in the workshop, accommodating those with different levels of experience and differing needs. All felt engaged and came away with a sense of satisfaction in having learnt something new and valuable for our own situation. As well as this sense of fulfillment, Reece was astute at incorporating our own experiences in contributing to the extension of knowledge of the group as a whole.
Very impressive!
— Alan, May 2018 (Sydney)
Great use of time and much was accomplished. Such a help and I learned so much.
— Eve, April 2018 (Sydney)
Michelle was extremely professional, talking us through while getting all aspects of our issues rectified.
Well worth the time she is amazing and extremely helpful, and have no hesitations in getting her back :)
— February 2018 (Perth)
Reece was excellent and very thorough.
— Felicity, December 2017 (Sydney)
Highly valuable MacBook Pro session with Michelle. She was so good at explaining the functions of my computer at a level I could understand; the pace of the lesson was fast but appropriate - we got heaps of work done! She patiently let me go through all the steps and functions during the session and made me feel comfortable to ask as many questions as I needed. Plus she then emailed me a summary of the work we’d done so I can review and practice. Communication with Setup Sync & Learn was great before and after the session and payment was easy. I feel so much more comfortable with my device now. Can’t thank you enough, Michelle. I’ll definitely be signing up for more sessions =)
— Helen, November 2017 (Perth)
Reece has worked with our family for the last 12 months.

Both my wife and I are not particularly tech savvy. We reached out to Reece for help 12 months ago. Reece has held our hand and worked with us and shown us the future of a home IT set up. This has included working with our four children’s ipads and various devices, home mac, Apple TV, better wifi, and setting up new iphones.

Reece has explained what he is doing carefully at every step of the way. He has taught us how to get the most out of all our devices.

We couldn’t have imagined doing the things we are now doing 12 months ago. You have shown us the way in our home Tech set up. Thank you.

I couldn’t recommend you any higher.
— Edward, Nov 2017 (Sydney)
Reece is very patient and calm when being thrown a myriad of questions that come from not having regular computer sessions! He then makes sure he goes back to the original problem and stays focused until it is fixed. Thanks Reece.
— Fenella, Nov 2017 (Sydney)
I did learn quite a bit about the new apple technology - iOS11.
Reece is extremely patient and explains everything clearly - so that even I at an advanced age can understand.
— Derek, Sep 2017 (Sydney)
Excellent session on voice recognition on iPhone as well as Siri. A revelation!
— Judith, August 2017 (Sydney)
Session Type: Private Session
Antony was extremely helpful - as always. Told me how to do things with which I’ve always had trouble. Lots of tips too.
— Ronda, July 2017 (Sydney)
Michelle was great & kept me in the drivers seat so I learnt and knew what I was doing! I was appreciative of the ‘big picture’ being explained with a visual diagram. I look forward to next time!
— Gemma, July 2017 (Perth)
Workmen in my home commented later that Antony was patient. Enough said!
— Jolanda, July 2017 (Sydney)
Antony was easy to understand, listened to our concerns and rectified the problems. I am happy with the outcome and would recommend the service.
— Natasha, June 2017 (Sydney)
Very professional. Solved our issues and was very helpful. (session with Antony)
— Mark, May 2017 (Sydney)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session
Michelle is fantastic. I love the whole concept.
— Susan, May 2017 (Perth)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session
I loved the cafe tech experience!
Michelle is a great teacher and very inspiring with new learnings on this path of getting tech savvy. Oh and great coffee at JJ Kings!
— Gemma, May 2017 (Perth)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session
Michelle was very knowledgeable and managed the session well, addressing the group’s topics of concern.
Great idea to give us time to prepare and send in areas we would like to work on (email received in advance). Unfortunately time flew by...
— Liz, May 2017 (Perth)
Antony was a great help setting up my new iPad yesterday. He was very patient and explained it all very clearly.
I am going to ask him back in a couple of weeks time.
— Libby, May 2017 (Sydney)
Antony was very professional - session of 1.5 hours, he answered all my questions & suggested some new initiatives - very pleased!!!
— Jim, May 2017 (Sydney)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session
It was most helpful, thanks. Questions answered clearly and understandably. Others questions were helpful too. Thanks so much!
— Ronda, March 2017 (Sydney)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session
I found it very informative. Reece made things easy to understand. The environment was conducive to this session.
— Rick, March 2017 (Sydney)
Session Type: Free Café Tech Session
Great initiative! Well done. Presenter (Antony) was great and v patient and gave clear explanations. He responded to participant needs.
— Sue, March 2017 (Sydney)
Glad they are focused 100% on Apple products.
Other company I hired previously was not real good at anything and average on everything, and much more expensive and you had to pay $1,000 up front, and any money not used up in that session you could use in later sessions. Ended up not using that money of course......
Setup Sync & Learn made suggestions as to improve things that I did not know could be improved. This is very helpful.
— Jonas, February 2017 (Sydney)
(Definitely a step up) Similar services concentrated on fixing problems not educating me on how to do things myself.
— Valerie, October 2016 (Sydney)
In a one to one situation Antony is an excellent teacher...This is a step up from a group learning situation...Lessons are on time, concise and very helpful indeed...When the transition from Apple to other systems occurs a one to one situation is essential. Thus help from Setup Sync & Learn is good value.
— Grethe, Sep-Oct 2016 (Sydney)
The service and relaxed approach of the last service from you (Antony) was excellent - as usual.
— Lyn, August 2016 (Sydney)
Antony is a pleasure to deal with. He gets to the heart of the issue quickly and solves it!
— Rick, August 2016 (Sydney)
Extremely satisfied - Immediate call back when I was in crisis, nothing too much trouble, genuine help.
— Liz, August 2016 (Sydney)
Antony is very professional in delivering his service. (I’m a) Newcomer to all this IT stuff and am very grateful to know that you are there providing this great service. I have many friends I have already told about Setup Sync & Learn.
— Jan, June 2016 (Sydney)
I loved such personalised service! Michelle didn’t make me feel like an idiot, and gave me sensible advice. I thought it was total value for money - she didn’t push me to buy apple products or spend alot of money on stuff I don’t need, or make me feel bad for having old technology. She was realistic and I’d definitely reccommend her to others.
— Michelle, June 2016 (Perth)
Session with Antony was excellent. Low key, professional, and solved my problem…. Just what I wanted.
— Frano, June 2016 (Sydney)
Good advice. Easy to understand.
— Edwina, April 2016 (Sydney)
Michelle was very knowledgable and explained things as she was fixing them.
— Alicia, May 2016 (Perth)
I have not met anyone prior to Reece who explained everything so clearly.
— Margret, April 2016 (Sydney)
My older friends worry about not being able to talk to anyone when making an enquiry and they are expected to send an email and they can’t do it. We can’t continue to expect others to do it for you.
Reece doesn’t do it for you but waits patiently for you to discover. Good teachers do this as you learn more by doing things yourself.
Reece listened to my simple questions without “raised eyebrows” at my lack of knowledge. However he also took me to areas that he thought would benefit my development.
— Maree, February 2016 (Sydney)
Reece has a comforting manner...(offers) clear explanations...knowledgeable and dependable. (I) want continuing service.
— John, December 2015 (Sydney)
I loved it! The venue (JJ Kings) was relaxing, Michelle was fantastic and the get together was most informative...Just long enough to learn a couple of new things to remember before overload sets in...It was perfect! Thanks for putting this together.
— Susan, November 2015 (Café Tech Session Perth)
I learnt a lot more about my computer and also ways in which to use it. And the problems I was having have been remedied...I’ve realised how much more I have to learn...Everything was explained coherently. There was no technical jargon.
— Sue, October 2015 (Sydney)
Extremely satisfied. Help was very prompt & you (Michelle) were very patient with me.
— Heather, August 2015 (Perth)
The session with Reece was invaluable. He was able to quickly identify how and why I use my mac for business etc, and offer effective and practical advice on utilising it to its full potential. It was great to have the one on one which made it very personal. The only problem was the session wasn’t long enough, I will be booking in again soon!
— Naomi, July 2015 (Sydney)
Alway prompt & professional. At the retail stores your one of a pack, with SSL it becomes about you. Each session I’ve learnt something new...SSL really is an asset for the business I am in & value for money.
— Gerry, July 2015 (Sydney) - Small group business session
Main point was to get my calendars synced, and this happened! I have never used this kind of service before but having said that, this was much better than the IT service offered by my former employer.
(Michelle) Simplified a complex situation, without the swearing associated with non-Apple savvy technical people.
— Robyn, July 2015 (Perth)
We were offered something we’d never heard of and it’s actually working!
(solution for a new wifi network over multiple levels using Apple AirPort products)
— Paul, June 2015 (Sydney)
Have used Apple phone support & Genius Bar. This was better because it cleaned up and synchronised my entire Apple system and network between devices as well as addressing related and separate IT glitches. Loved the little customised video clip solutions. Also appreciated explanations along the way.
— Sue, May 2015 (Sydney)
Extremely Satisfied (with Michelle)...Provided solutions quickly and explained everything clearly.
— Sheridan, April 2015 (Perth)
Exceptional service from the first phone call to the on site session (with Richard) and beyond. Would highly recommend to other Apple users.
— Karen, March 2015 (Sydney)
I learned so much which made me realise that there’s so much more. So professional and patient, and always willing to go over any points not clearly understood.
— Yve, March 2015 (Sydney)
The session that I had with Richard was excellent - he was highly informative and answered the many questions I had on topics from archiving to preference settings. He also gave me efficiency tips that I had no idea about (but should!) such as extra shortcuts and scrolling. I’m looking forward to our next session so that I can continue optimising my use of the computer for work and home.
— Christie, February 2015 (Sydney)
Efficient examination of the issue and installation of hardware to solve the problem. (Richard’s) Training skills very good. Excellent broad knowledge of Mac matters
— Ray, February 2015 (Sydney)
Richard is very good at giving me confidence...It increases my knowledge and skill base and I enjoy the experience.
— November 2014 (Sydney)
Reece very knowledgeable and tailored the 2 hours...Professional. Good style. Reece knows his ‘stuff’.
— November 2014 (Sydney)
Richard was excellent in meeting any query I put forward...Tutor Richard enjoyed teaching. Excellent listener. Communication skills clear and coherent. Intelligent with a light touch.
— Café Tech Session Participant, November 2014 (Sydney)
It’s always a pleasure to have Reece here, he has such an enormous amount of knowledge and imparts it in an easy to understand manner. And he is prepared to explain things until I understand them!

...I can always benefit from another season with you!
— November 2014 (Sydney)
Richard was very patient...Excellent manner and successful goals achieved.
— October 2014 (Sydney)
Extremely satisfied...Very polite and patient!
— Fleur, October 2014 (Sydney)
Very satisfied...everything is explained properly and not rushed through.
— Patsy, September 2014 (Sydney)
both Reece and Richard were also very patient and explained things clearly and with no rush...Everything ended up very satisfactorily and with no stress for me.
— Ronda, August 2014 (Sydney)
Michelle is very knowledgable and helpful. She made everything simple to understand and I believe she would be most adaptable to a home or office environment.
Setup Sync & Learn has been most helpful to me and is very professional with very prompt response to my S.O.S.’s and resolution of problems.
Prompt, knowledgable and friendly service
— Jane G., June 2014 (Perth)
Methodical and informed about the product. Reece has a very human caring approach to his support that I have not experienced before with tech support.
— Jane M., June 2014 (Sydney)
Reece really knows what he is doing and is very helpful...Great value for money.
— Chris, May 2014 (Sydney Business Client)
Reece was great, doesn’t make you feel like a fool!
— Lisi, May 2014 (Sydney)
Reece was incredibly patient and thorough with his explanations.
Learn what you didn’t know you didn’t know. There is an added bonus in picking up all sorts of tricks for all your Apple devices. Nothing beats hands on support.
— May 2014 (Sydney)
I find Reece’s tuition simple to understand in all areas I question. My computer is now set up to operate for everything I need. I have had 3 other support Mac but they don’t have the understanding of Mac at a level I need - when they can’t answer a question they say perhaps my Mac wasn’t set up quite properly - Reece just changes it to suit my need and shows me how to do it myself.
— Julie, April 2014 (Perth)
I am certainly not a “computer geek”, in fact to say I have an issue with embracing our modern day technology would be a gross understatement.

The thing that is changing all that (or should I say, person) .... is Reece. My husband and I heard about him through a friend. He has changed our lives. Reece’s manner is confident, yet gentle and non intimidating which makes it “safe for me to learn”. That is priceless to me and I thank him for coming up with this wonderful business concept where he had the foresight to bridge the gap between Man and Machine!

I plan to grow old with Reece .... (and my Apple Computer of course)
— Susan, February 2014 (Perth)
We commenced using Apple technology a number of years ago, however it was only after engaging Reece that we realised the full potential of what was available. He has synced, adjusted, repaired and ironed out the bugs that we had in our use of the system and has greatly assisted with the upgrade of phones and ipads as this occurs. All the equipment now links and communicates as they were intended to, and are properly maintained and updated. This has greatly improved our efficiencies.

The technology is fantastic but it does take some familiar knowledge to get the best from it. Reece delivers on that.
— Eric (Real Estate Business Owner), February 2014 (Perth)
Reece has been helping me for the past few months and he has taught me things I never knew were possible on my Mac. The more he shows me the more I want to learn, he has a wealth of knowledge and doesn’t make me feel like an idiot when I ask stupid questions. Thank goodness for Setup Sync & Learn!
— Georgie, February 2014 (Sydney)
Reece brought a wealth of knowledge to his visit. He explains clearly and when he left all my devices worked flawlessly together. It is such a positive experience when someone brings a breadth of knowledge across the hardware, software, networking, backups, use of iCloud - you name it Reece can help.
— Di, January 2014 (Sydney)
I just want to thank you so much for all your incredible help and patience with ALL my IT issues.

You were such a pleasure to deal with and really easy going, which made it easy to ask even the most basic of questions.

Thank you for such great tips and help.
— Libby, January 2014 (Sydney)
Without the assistance of Reece and Setup Sync & Learn, my business would not be where it is today. The consistency and professional manner in which all our computer needs have been met has taken the stress out of learning new systems. I recommend SSL to any business that requires professional help with all Apple applications and systems.

Reece has an incredible ability to pitch the information at the level required for each individual, and always finds at least 3 methods of solving the problems.
— Pam, January 2014 (Sydney)
Very patient, thorough, thoughtful and clear explanations perfect for me.
— Roslyn, January 2014 (Sydney)
As a recent convert to Mac, I required a great deal of assistance to make the transition. Reece was recommended to me by a friend for which I am most grateful. He provided very useful preparation advice and systems over the phone, prior to our initial appointment, so that no time was wasted on the day.

Reece arrived on time and was extremely personable. He installed and set up the new unit in a very short time and we were then able to concentrate on upskilling me. He was very patient, a great teacher and most forgiving of my lack of technical ability!

At the completion of the appointment I felt confident that I could operate my new Mac independently and was pleased to know that Reece would be available for future sessions so that I could utilise all the Mac has to offer. I found the video tutorials Reece set up for me, really useful to go back to, as there was so much to remember. I do not hesitate to recommend Reece and SSL as very well qualified regarding the product, and an extremely good instructor. It was worth every cent!
— Natasha, December 2013 (Sydney)
So make a list of things that bug you or you are too lazy/incompetent/Luddite to work out what to do with your multiple Apple devices and contact Reece. He will patiently solve your problems and teach you what to do without making you feel that you are a lazy/incompetent/Luddite. Don’t wait till you have a deadline crisis to solve your repeated “hard disc is full messages”. I wish I had called Reece years ago!
— Susan, December 2013 (Sydney)
DO NOT USE THIS GUY. He makes it all too easy and you won’t need to take your tranquilisers any more.

Great lessons!
— Marie, December 2013 (Sydney)
Very patient. Extremely knowledgeable. Easy to understand
— Doffy, December 2013 (Sydney)
Very understandable. Move into my house!
— Margot, October 2013 (Perth)
Extremely satisfied - Reliable, helpful, amicable, explains things well.
— Catherine, October 2013 (Perth)
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and patient with those unfamiliar with the intricacies of IT.
— Peter, August 2013 (Sydney)
Extremely satisfied - Very clear & easy to understand.
Very efficient. Patient approach. Easily understood.
— Allan, July 2013 (Perth)
We had been away from Perth for one year and returned to find that we had forgotten many of the simple processes for our MacBook Pro, as we’d been travelling with our iPad.

We used Reece’s service to brush up on the the functions of our computer as well as to have all of our devices synced. In just a couple of hours of plain talking and simple explanations we were back in sync!

Thanks Reece
— Joe & Sandra, May 2013 (Perth)
Loved the tips, nice to see others have the same was great, no one expected a one on one and the atmosphere was relaxed and certainly got us all excited to learn more.
— Stephanie, March 2013 at Café Tech Session (Charlotte Café, Birchgrove, Sydney)
To make the complex integration and communication of work with multiple home users and devices simple and manageable is no easy feat. You achieved this with the minimal of fuss, time and professionalism, which we are very grateful to you for, thank you.
— Christopher, February 2013 (Sydney)
Answered everything we needed to know and gave us the confidence and knowledge to now do it ourselves. An increasingly needed service.
— David, January 2013 (Sydney)
You’re doing a great job Reece. It’s a fantastic service.
— Elly, December 2012, (Sydney)
Reece gave me really helpful tips in an accessible way and even brought up issues I hadn’t thought about, improving my use and organisation of my Mac (even though I’ve been using them for several years). I think Reece will be of great further help as my work develops and I’ve already recommended him to over four friends and relatives.
— Christie, November 2012 (Sydney)
Reece was knowledgeable, understood the needs of the team and explained things in an understandable non geeky way.
— Dianna, October 2012 (Sydney)
The session showed me the potential in the iPad and how it could help me in my business. Informal and relaxed. No pressure and no hard sell.
— Christina, October 2012 (Sydney)
Reece’s patience is outstanding. I would like to keep our sessions on a permanent basis...I will pass the business cards to ALL my friends.. The help makes such a huge difference to my knowledge!
— Anne, September 2012 (Sydney)
Always something to learn... easy to follow.
— Frank, September 2012 (Perth)
Great knowledge, response, demeanour and service.
— Bruce, September 2012 (Sydney)
You make it easy to follow.
— Fran, September 2012 (Sydney)
Personable, knowledgable, ability to tailor to each individual. Appreciated the flexibility of extending the session by a half hour. Despite having a list of things to consult about, while this was very helpful, it lead to a lot of other add-ons which have been invaluable. One thing leads to another... a wealth of information is tapped into. Busy people just need to allocate the time for this, as it’s totally beneficial.
— Angus, August 2012 (Sydney)
There are obvious benefits to learning what your IT devices are capable of. Without someone pointing them out, it is impossible to learn about the different functions which are basic once you know them.
— Darren, August 2012 (Sydney)
Awesome! So great to just ask questions!! Big or small didn’t matter. I loved my TechAware session and would definitely do it again. I think a lot of people really want this kind of help. Everyone sits at the computer sometimes and just goes grrrrrr how do you do that!!?? So to be able to ask all those things is very helpful.
— Sara, July 2012 (Perth)
Very professional service. Reece was very knowledgeable and patient and I learnt so much more about my apple devices.
— Anonymous, July 2012 (Perth)
Very professional and Reece was great at listening to what we needed and adapting the system to suit us rather than telling us.
— Annabel, June 2012 (Southern Highlands NSW)
Reece has great communication skills. Excellent idea and hugely beneficial to ‘seniors’ whose ipad/iphone skills are minimal.
— Georgina, June 2012 (Sydney)
Extremely satisfied. Very enthusiastic.
— Naty, June 2012 (Sydney)
I have a lot to learn and remember, but I am not intimidated by the technology as you made it much easier for me to understand.
You know your product and you have a great way of teaching...Your knowledge with Apple and the technology is high, your teaching and understanding is brilliant...
— Peter, May-June 2012 (Sydney)
Reece is the King of Mac.
— Kate, April 2012 (Sydney)
Good specialised knowledge in Mac apps lacking by other Windows based providers.
— Guy, March 2012 (Sydney)
I did learn quite a bit about the new apple technology - iOS11.
Reece is extremely patient and explains everything clearly - so that even I at an advanced age can understand.
— Derek, Sydney