Is it right for you?

The remote session is not intended to take the place of our face to face on site sessions as we still believe this is the best way for us to assess your situation, and find the best solutions tailored to you using a holistic approach, after considering all of your devices and technological needs.

All remote sessions must be booked using our very quick and easy Remote Enquiry Form here.  If you're having trouble doing this please feel free to call us and go through the details that we require over the phone 0412 422 820.

There are many instances when a remote session could be perfect for you, and we will do our best to make it a helpful and fun experience!  Please remember that it usually takes more time to explain and have the client apply suggestions remotely than in person, and you're paying for this time.  

The session will require a good internet connection (at both ends) and we will use the Apple Messages App (for Mac) and/or Apple FaceTime (video or audio).  Please take the time to read the information below.


Remote sessions are based on the same rates as visits on site, without the initial call out fee or extra travel fees.  There is a minimum booking of 30 minutes for remote sessions (1 hour minimum for visits on site).

Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time ie. please consider this when booking in Perth):

  • $47.50 minimum up to 30 mins

  • Then $23.75 per 15 mins thereafter

  • All fees are including GST

Outside the hours above is rate x 1.5 (all bookings subject to availability)

Terms & Conditions

Setup Sync & Learn (SSL) will make the final decision as to whether or not a remote session is possible/relevant, based on the information provided by the client.  If before or during a session new information comes to light or circumstances dictate that a remote session is no longer appropriate, then SSL has the right to terminate the session and advise a relevant alternative for the client.  The fee based on the appropriate time and rate will be payable to SSL.

SSL will make reasonable efforts to resolve issues remotely but does not guarantee that issues will be resolved. SSL, in its sole discretion, will determine what constitutes an issue and to the extent permitted by law if the issue is resolved.

EXCLUSIONS - issues relating to Internet, email, file management, network configuration, onsite diagnosis, or other issues not within the scope.

CURRENT RELEASE - all Supported Products must be at their most current release level and running the latest operating system/s ie. MacOS, iOS

CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES - Customer is responsible for any and all restoration or reconstruction of lost or altered files, data, or programs. Customer will maintain and implement a complete data backup and disaster recovery plan. Customer is solely responsible for any and all security of its confidential, proprietary or classified information. Customer will not disclose to SSL confidential, proprietary or any information that is subject to intellectual property rights that may expose SSL to liability. Customer will have a reasonable understanding of the Supported Products for which it seeks Support Service and the computer system that it is operating on.