Mac OS Tip: Hide That Menu!

Here’s a quick Mac OS tip for you today to keep your desktop looking tidy.

Automatically hide the top menu bar by following these instructions…


SYSTEM PREFERENCES > GENERAL > ENABLE: “Automatically hide and show the menu bar”

Now whenever you bring your cursor to the top of your screen your menu will appear, and then disappear when you move away from it.

Coming Soon: Mac OS Catalina

With the fall season approaching fast (in the US) we are getting closer to Apple’s release of its new OS Catalina. There are a lot of new features coming through, such as Music, TV, and Podcasts. You’ll also be able to enjoy your iPad apps on your computer instead too! There’s also been improvements to familiar apps such as Photos, Notes, Reminders and Safari. The feature I’m looking most forward too is Sidecar which enables you to use your iPad as an extension of your desktop! Check out all the features of Catalina in further detail on Apple’s website!


Mojave's Dynamic Desktop

If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to update your Mac to Apple’s latest OS X Mojave (check if your Mac is compatible here). One of my favourite features is Mojave’s dynamic desktop. Now, it’s not a “life-changing” feature, but more of a fun novelty. Based off your location, your desktop background will change accordingly to the time of the day - so you’ll see a progression from day to night. Pretty cool right?

Curious? Here’s how to enable Dynamic Desktop for you Mac…


System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop > Click on the drop-down menu and select Dynamic

…and you’re done!

You can also find and download more dynamic desktops online, or if you’re adventurous enough, make your own. I hope you find this feature just as interesting as I do!

What to do after changing your Apple ID or Password


At Setup, Sync and Learn your security and privacy is always important. It’s always good housekeeping to change your password at least once or twice every year. It does seem straight forward, but at times you might find yourself getting numerous notifications on your devices to sign-in again. So to make it a little less stressful for you here’s a short list of what to check after you’ve changed your Apple ID or Password…

Update your Apple ID and password on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.

iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Go to Settings > (your name) > iTunes & App Store.

  • If you're signed out, enter your updated Apple ID and password.

  • If you're signed in with your previous Apple ID, tap your Apple ID, then tap Sign Out. Then enter your updated Apple ID and password.

Mac with OS X or Windows PC

  1. Go to Apple’s website.

  2. Click on the Shopping Bag icon, then click Account.

  3. In the Account Settings section, click Apple ID and password.

  4. Enter your updated Apple ID and password.

You will also have to update your login details by Signing Out then Signing back in to other apps such as FaceTime, iCloud, Find my iPhone, etc.

Click on this link to see a full list and instructions from Apple Support on what to do…