iOS Quick Tip: It's all about that Battery Health

Once again, Apple is working on our iPhone battery woes! Now that iOS 13 is a little more ironed out with a few multiple updates to fix a few bugs, let’s talk about the changes they’ve made to help us with Battery Life.

We all get a little confused when it comes to charging our phone overnight, but look, you’re not going to overload your phone while your sleep and charge. So Apple has done this thing with your trickle-charging. Usually once our batteries charge to 100% it switches to trickle charging. What is trickle charging, you ask? Well, let’s ask Siri…

Hey Siri…

What’s trickle charging?

Using it’s AI magic your iPhone will learn your routine. Yes, your iPhone is stalking you, but it’s for the good of your battery! It will set up a routine of only charging your iPhone to 80%, switch to trickle charging, and then by learning your wake up time, it will charge up to 100% just as you wake and hit snooze.

Here’s how to activate it…

Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Turn ON Optimised Battery Charging.


iOS 13: A Whole New Look On A Whole New Level

iOS 13 is finally here! Are you ready to experience a new level on your iPhone? Check out some of these features that you will find in iOS 13…

  1. Dark Mode - See your iPhone in a new light! Dark Mode is finally here, designed to make screen viewing a little easier on your eyes. You can simply turn it on in your Control Centre or have it automatically turn on at night.

  2. Portrait Mode - Yes, there’s new updates to make your portrait photos even more beautiful. The new update allows you to have more control over your light intensity with the new Portrait Lighting controls. You’ll also be able to create beautiful black-and-white portraits with the new High-Key Mono filter in Portrait Mode.

  3. New tabs in Moments - A new way of organising your special moments into days, months and years.

  4. New powerful editing tools for Photos and Video - Refine your photos a videos further with new and updated editing features. Need to rotate a video? You can finally do it with iOS 13!

  5. Privacy and Security - Apple has always taken its Privacy and Security seriously so be prepared for a few upgrades here. One of the biggest updates is the introduction of "Sign In With Apple” which simplifies the way you can sign in to apps and websites with your privacy in mind.

These are only a few of the many new things in iOS 13. You can find out more here on Apple’s website. Don’t forget to make sure your phone is backed up before the update. Not sure if it is or how to? Go to your Settings > ‘Your Name’ > iCloud > iCloud Backup - check that this is on.