Some of my favourite new features in iOS 12

Back in June, my colleague Michelle penned in our Blog “10 Things to look forward to in Apple’s iOS 12” and since the release just over a week ago I’ve picked out some of my favourite new features - many are the same 🤓


Screen Shot iOS 12.png

Reece’s selection of new features available with iOS 12

Faster and more responsive

Group FaceTime (coming soon - not available yet)

Make FaceTime calls with up to 32 participants simultaneously.

Screen Time

New tools empower you to understand and make choices about how much time you spend using apps and websites.

Activity reports

Get reports weekly or check Today view at any time to see app usage, notifications and device pick-ups.

For kids:

Use your family’s Apple IDs to set up Screen Time for your kids to keep an eye on how much time they spend on apps and websites. They can request more time for you to approve.

App limits

Set the amount of time you and your kids can spend each day on specific apps and websites.


Set a specific time, like bedtime, when apps and notifications are blocked. You can choose which apps are on and off limits.

Always allowed

Create exceptions for apps you’d like your kids to have access to even during Downtime, such as Messages or education apps.

Grouped notifications

Message threads and notification topics are grouped together, so it’s easier to see what’s important with just a glance at your iPhone or iPad.

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

Dim your display and silence overnight notifications until you unlock your iPhone in the morning.

New Do Not Disturb options

Set Do Not Disturb to end automatically in an hour, at the end of the day, when you leave a certain location, or at the end of a meeting on your calendar.

Measure app

Draw straight lines to measure objects and surfaces both vertically and horizontally using your iPhone or iPad camera, and automatically detect dimensions of rectangular objects.


Intelligent search suggestions

Smart suggestions help you find photos even before you finish typing by suggesting events, people, places and related dates.

Places search

Search for photos based on the places or businesses where you were when you took them, whether it’s a general category, like ‘Japanese restaurant’, or a specific place, like ‘Jacques Torres Chocolate’.

Event search

Search for photos from events you’ve attended, like the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Add to Siri

Add shortcuts to Siri to run them with your voice on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or HomePod.

New Shortcuts app

Create or customise your own shortcuts to run multiple steps at once. Get started with examples from the gallery and personalise them with steps from across your apps.


Siri can help you search for any password.

Find My iPhone

Ask Siri to help find your misplaced iPhone, iPad or AirPods.


Ask Siri to turn the torch on and off.

Privacy and Security:

Enhanced tracking prevention

Improvements prevent Share buttons and comment widgets on web pages from tracking you in Safari without your permission. Safari also prevents advertisers from collecting your device’s unique settings, so they can’t retarget ads to you across the web.

Automatic strong passwords

Automatically create, autofill and store strong passwords in Safari and iOS apps. Passwords are stored in iCloud Keychain and are available on all your Apple devices. And if you ever need to access your passwords, just ask Siri.

Password reuse auditing

Any password that is reused will be flagged in the passwords list, so you can quickly navigate to the app or website and replace it with an automatically generated strong password.

Security code AutoFill

SMS one-time passcodes will appear automatically as AutoFill suggestions, so you never have to worry about quickly memorising them or typing them again.

Password sharing

Easily share passwords with nearby iOS devices, or from an iOS device to a Mac or Apple TV.

Password Manager API

Access passwords stored in third-party password managers directly from the QuickType bar in apps and in Safari (requires third-party adoption).

CarPlay navigation

CarPlay now supports third-party navigation apps, giving drivers even more choices for a familiar experience on the dashboard while they drive.


Turn the QuickType keyboard into a trackpad on devices without 3D Touch by touching and holding the space bar.