iPadOS is here!

If you’ve been checking your iPad for software updates (or you can turn it on automatically by going to Settings > General > Automatic Updates) you would have seen the newest iPadOS 13 update. Since it’s release there’s been 2 additional updates to fix a few bugs. But what are the new features in this update you ask? Here’s some of the new features you get from this update…

Dark Mode

Firstly, let’s get this out of the way. Yes, Dark Mode is now not only on iOS 13, and OS X Mojave, but is also now on iPadOS. No more over-straining your eyes while you Netflix in bed at night! Although, we don’t encourage this; for a good night’s rest it’s best to stop using digital devices 1-2 hours before your bed time.

To set your iPad to Dark Mode simply go to Settings > Display & Brightness.

Slide over and Split View

Who doesn’t like a nice workflow? With further improvements to their Split View and Slide Over Apple has brought up to another level by making it more intuitive. You can now have multiple apps at the ready in Slide Over, work with the same app in Split View (eg. Notes) and even use Exposé to see all your open spaces just like on MacOS!

Here’s a how to video from Apple Support on using Slide Over…


There’s been an update to the Homescreen. You can now pin your favourite Today view widgets so you can see them at a glance. To enable this go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Home Screen Layout > Keep Today View on Homescreen.


There is still so many more features that iPadOS has to offer! You can check out more them here on Apple’s website. You can also follow our posts via. Facebook as we look at different features of iOS 13, iPadOS and the upcoming OS X update to Catalina and give you a few tips and tricks.