How To: "Password-Protect" Apps using Screen Time


Did you know the Screen Time feature on your iPhone and iPad does more than just track how long you spend on various apps? Here’s a little hack on how you can use Screen Time as a way to password protect your apps…although I admit it just has one wee flaw.

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have Screen Time enabled by going to Settings > Screen Time and then set a passcode by tapping on Use Screen Time Passcode.

Now you’ll need to set a time limit for the apps you want to lock. What we are trying to do is set a minimum time limit so that the app will lock straight away (the minimum limit is 1 minute - this is the one flaw, as you’ll be “unprotected” until the app has been used for 1 minute).

To add a time limit to to an app, tap on the bar graph that shows your current day’s usage. Find the app you want to add a limit to in the list and tap on it. Next, tap on Add Limit and enter the passcode you set earlier in Screen Time. Set it to 1 minute and make sure you have enabled Block at End of Limit. Now tap on Add. Voila! Now after using your app for 1 minute it will lock - the icon will be greyed out on your home screen. When you tap on the greyed out icon you’ll get this message, “Ask For More Time” which you just tap on and enter your Screen Time passcode to unlock.

So, there you have it! A little Screen Time hack to “Password Protect” your apps!