Sharing WiFi with your friends has only gotten easier!

Are you as excited for the release of iOS 11 as I am? Well, with the upcoming new iOS Apple has made it easier for you to share your WiFi details. No need for pulling out a card, a notebook or that scrap receipt with your password scribbled on the back to share your passwords with your friends. With iOS 11 you can now automatically send passwords to nearby devices - ie. an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. Those who have iOS 11 on their devices can simply join your WiFi network through one simple tap too! No need to tap out the long complicated passwords on your friend's phones!

You can see it in action here with this article from 9-to-5Mac.

With a the new iOS 11 coming out, don't forget to backup your iPhone or iPad as well! If you can't remember how to backup manually just follow this link to one of our previous posts on how to backup your iDevice manually to your computer.

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