Never Say Never Again

Mature Clients

 People of all ages are acquiring new Apple products. For some it's a hand-me-down iPhone, others have been 'forced' to use an iPad! This seems to be happening more among the older generation as they're being instructed to ‘get with the times’ by their bossy offspring or friends. The good news is it doesn't need to be a daunting exercise. I have great patience and many clients who are beginners.

 At Setup Sync & Learn this has been a very popular area, with people booking for or referring me to their parents or older friends. Most people, even if they have the knowledge, don’t have the time or the patience to teach, not to mention those who have other constraints like living far away. I have clients in their 60s right up to in their 90s, so never say never! For more information about this have a listen to my first audio podcast here.  All you do is click and listen - go on, give it a go.   

Podcast #1

Reece Creighton

Setup, troubleshooting, teaching, and expert advice on all Apple products, along with advice on using many third party peripherals, products and services. Official Reseller for LaCie products - backup solutions for your Mac.