Apple experts that come to you!

Setup Sync & Learn specialises in all Apple devices for setup, troubleshooting, and teaching technology in everyday language. 

One on one or small group tailored training in the comfort of your own home or office.  Available in Sydney NSW and Perth WA.

 SSL Director: Reece Creighton

SSL Director: Reece Creighton

Free Advice:  If you're unsure about upgrading equipment or you're considering buying an Apple product and need some guidance, call us and we'll happily help you toward the best solution for YOU.  Note: we don't sell the products and will give you an unbiased opinion.

What SSL can do for you:

  • Save you time and money 
  • Increase your Apple technology knowledge
  • Teach you brilliant shortcuts to enable you to work from any location 
  • Personal service tailored to your needs at your location
  • Supply and/or set up a backup solution to protect all of your precious memories and information
  • Individual or group sessions 
  • Follow up sessions to suit you at your request
  • Troubleshoot problems and technical issues
  • Prompt service/24 hour response 
  • Advise on your needs going forward
  • Teach you the latest and greatest tips in sessions, newsletters and blogs
  • Keep you informed for the direction of technology with new Apple products and systems
  • Assess your needs and assist in the decision process for the purchase of new equipment 
  • Help in many other areas of technology and business to suit your requirements


  • More than 22 years' experience in Apple Technology and IT
  • Consultants in Sydney NSW and Perth WA
  • Apple Certified Associate
  • Evernote Certified Consultant
  • We speak in everyday language
  • Quality service with a sensible fee structure
  • Personal service and relationship focus
  • Client testimonials here

Common Scenarios

  • Want to fast-track your Apple technology knowledge?
  • Need help setting everything up, transferring all your important data - photos, music, documents?
  • Are your email accounts set up correctly and synchronised on all devices?
  • Are your Apple ID's in a mess, sharing information with others you don't want to?
  • Want to know about iCloud, what it does, and other useful 'Cloud' services?
  • Would you like to update or upgrade your existing system so that all your devices are syncing using products such as iCloud, and have the latest Apple security installed?