What is AR?

With the latest iOS updates coming out from Apple you may have heard the term AR being thrown around. Many App developers are taking advantage of Apple's move towards AR improvements to make apps more interactive and immersive.


AR vs VR

AR is different from VR. In the instance of Virtual Reality, a headset or visual device is used to immerse you in a virtual/digital environment, whereas AR blends both the digital and real world.

What is AR? Short for "Augmented Reality" it brings the digital world into the real world through the lens of your iDevice. Many Apple app developers are starting to take advantage of AR to make their applications more immersive and interactive. You would've seen this feature in the Pokémon Go app, which took the world by storm! Popular social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram have now also integrated AR features for their users to have more fun. The AR feature is also a great tool for businesses like Ikea who have recently released their Ikea Place app, which allows you to place their products into your living space to have a 'preview' of what it would look like.

Here's a video from the good folk of Mashable explaining AR a little further.