The Rock + Siri = Life Goals

Who knew that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Siri would make quite the epic pair! With iOS 11 on it's way we're going to be seeing quite a few significant improvements to Apple's Siri. Some of these include a much more natural voice for Siri (both male and female), an option to type to Siri instead of asking out loud, to save you from embarrassment, and giving better intuitive suggestions based off Siri observing your interests as you use your phone. But first let's just bask in the awesomeness which is that of The Rock fulfilling his life goals with Siri in hand!

You can find out more about what Siri can do for you here.

New Apple Goodies!

Did you manage to catch Apple's Special Event this week online at their World Wide Developers Conference? No need to have the feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as you can watch the whole presentation on their site here.

Image: Apple

Image: Apple

To put it in a nutshell for you, here are the new things that Apple announced at the latest WWDC.

  1. The all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  2. The new iOS 11 coming soon to your iDevice packed with new features!
  3. Finally a significant upgrade to the iMac range as well as the new iMac Pro
  4. A new OS X coming soon called MacOS High Sierra
  5. An update to Apple Watch's OS to watchOS 4
  6. A newly redesigned App Store
  7. Introducing a new housemate, the HomePod, a high quality speaker and AI for your home or office.

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