Mac OS Tip: Hide That Menu!

Here’s a quick Mac OS tip for you today to keep your desktop looking tidy.

Automatically hide the top menu bar by following these instructions…


SYSTEM PREFERENCES > GENERAL > ENABLE: “Automatically hide and show the menu bar”

Now whenever you bring your cursor to the top of your screen your menu will appear, and then disappear when you move away from it.

Mojave's Dynamic Desktop

If you haven’t already, it’s a good time to update your Mac to Apple’s latest OS X Mojave (check if your Mac is compatible here). One of my favourite features is Mojave’s dynamic desktop. Now, it’s not a “life-changing” feature, but more of a fun novelty. Based off your location, your desktop background will change accordingly to the time of the day - so you’ll see a progression from day to night. Pretty cool right?

Curious? Here’s how to enable Dynamic Desktop for you Mac…


System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop > Click on the drop-down menu and select Dynamic

…and you’re done!

You can also find and download more dynamic desktops online, or if you’re adventurous enough, make your own. I hope you find this feature just as interesting as I do!