Setup Sync & Learn 2012



I wanted to share my news and excitement about what will be a great year in 2012.

I am proud to announce my fully fledged business called Setup Sync & Learn (SSL). I will continue to focus on personal and private sessions for setting up devices, synchronising Apple computers with mobile devices, troubleshooting, and teaching.

I have also expanded to include these services for small & home business users, and to schools as well. 

The education sector has become increasingly interested in using Apple products such as the MacBook Air and the iPad for a number of reasons - their ease of use, quality performance and stability, portability (removing unnecessary weight from a school bag), and the kids think they’re fun to use! 

Another area that I will be concentrating on is the private group session - it’s based on the idea of a Tupperware Party, but I’m calling it a “TechAware Party”.

The idea being that 1 person hosts the party for a small group of friends/acquaintances (up to about 6 people) who have any of the Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod).  Alternatively, everybody may have a portable Apple notebook, and in either case I am there to teach how to use and get the most out of these devices, along with tips, tricks, and recommendations.

Being a group, the per person cost is reduced and this could run for 1-2 hours by choice. 

The difference to Tupperware will be that I’m not selling products, so no pressure! 

Special thanks to those who have already supported me in building my new venture, and if you are happy to refer me to others I will be most grateful.

Wishing everybody all the very best for what it is you wish to achieve in 2012 and hope to see you soon.


Reece Creighton

Setup, troubleshooting, teaching, and expert advice on all Apple products, along with advice on using many third party peripherals, products and services. Official Reseller for LaCie products - backup solutions for your Mac.