Back Up, Back Up, Back Up.

LaCie Hard Drives (Backing Up)

Setup Sync & Learn is now a reseller for LaCie
I am proud to announce that Setup Sync & Learn is now a reseller for LaCie, who are a very funky and practical French company specialising in backup solutions.  Backing up your computer is important, let me put it this way...
Most people end up storing many different types of data on their computer.  For example: photos, music, movies, documents, contacts etc.  They’re ALL in the one place, on your computer's hard drive.  So what if the unthinkable happens?  Your computer fails (yes, even Apple computers are not perfect), accidental damage occurs, or it's stolen?  All of that information will disappear, unless you have it backed up of course.
The good news is that it's very easy to backup once you have an external drive like those from LaCie.  You simply plug it in, select the drive in Time Machine preferences and away it goes, creating a copy of everything on your Mac.  If the drive stays connected, or whenever it’s reconnected, Time Machine software on your Mac will automatically backup any changes you’ve made since last time.  Of course many people prefer that I do the setting up for them when I bring the drive around for a session.

Please take a look at the great range of products on the LaCie website here, and let me know if I can help you with more information and choosing the right product for your computer and needs.  If you want to place an order please contact me directly via email or call me on 0412 422 820.


Reece Creighton

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