How To: Recover Your Apple ID

Ever stepped over to the dark-side out of curiousity? Like…to Android? Only to realise that you really miss Apple’s user friendly and uncomplicated iOS? Then, while crawling back solemnly you realise you’ve forgotten your Apple ID and password. It’s okay! All is forgiven and not all is lost. Here’s how you can find your Apple ID Email Address and return yourself to the light-side.


  1. Go to the Apple ID Recovery page here

  2. Type in your First Name and Last Name - if you think you’ve used a shortened name ie. David/Dave or Robert/Rob, you will have to do separate searches

  3. Enter the email address you want to look for - if you do have multiple emails you may have to try this a few times

  4. You may find yourself repeating those last two steps a few times until you can find a match

  5. Once you’ve successfully recovered your account you should be able to reset your Apple ID password (you’ll need to remember your security questions though!)


Hope this is helpful for your return to the light-side. For my tips and tricks follow us on Facebook or even give us a shout if you’re looking for support and training on your Apple products!